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Professor dr. med. Andreas Werner

Professor dr. med. Andreas Werner

Professor Andreas Werner is the head of the department of gynecology in the Diacony Hospital in Dresden, a specialist for obstetrics and gynecology.

He holds lectures in university and performs advanced trainings for physicians in the field of gynecological oncology.

Professor Werner is a permanent member of the examination board in the State Medical Association of Gynecological Oncology, special obstetrics, perinatal medicine, gynecological endocrinology, and reproductive medicine of Saxony.

He permanently participates in a State Authorization Association for Medical Issues (SLÄK) and Oncological Center of Dresden (TZ) in following research teams:

Research team for external quality control in gynecology (SLÄK)

Research team for artificial fertilization (SLÄK)

Research team for gynecological oncology (TZ)

Professional activity of Professor Werner is rather interesting: he is a senior surgeon, with specialization in excision of breast tumors.

In the beginning of 2014 dr. Werner voluntarily resigned the post of the head of the Diacony Hospital after 13 years of successful headship.