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Обратная связь

How we work

So, you have decided to come to Germany for examination/treatment. Hereinafter we listed the steps of our cooperation:


  1. You should send us a formless request via any of the following ways: the contact link, the email address info@meditour-dresden.de, the telephone: +4935148522820/ +491728188592 (cellular). Our initial consultation is free of charge.
  2. In your written request you should specify the purpose of your visit – if it is a preventive examination, then you should specify, which one of three offered check–ups you have chosen. If you need treatment/diagnostics of any disease, describe us your symptoms in details. We also kindly ask you to attach medical reports/images/medical records if you have. It will help to choose an individual course of diagnosis and treatment. Your personal information will be kept confidential.
  3. After having received your request, we will send you a confirmation email. Then you should transfer 275 € in advance* for the initial processing of your data and preparation of your individual plan.
  4. Depending from the specificity and complexity of your case, we will send you a detailed list, which includes recommended procedures, treatment plan, and estimated costs within several hours up to several days.
  5. After you have studied our offer, you should send us a confirmation.
  6. We constitute a contract and send a scan of it with the signature of the managing director within one day. You should sign it, scan, and send it back.
  7. If necessary, we will also send you an invitation from our company and from the clinic for visa processing as well as booking confirmation from the hotel.
  8. After your arrival to Dresden, we will meet you and begin with the accomplishment of your individual program.
  9. We will certainly comply with any your additional request or wish during your stay in Germany. A wide range of professional individual tours with your personal guide is always available for you.
  10. At the end of your stay you will receive a personal patient folder from Meditour with a set of documents, including your medical reports, letters/recommendations of physicians and the final invoice + digital copies.


* We approach to your case seriously and responsibly. In order to comprise an individual offer for each client, we have to make a thorough examination and translation of each individual case, request appointments at our physicians that will study the case and thereafter will send us provisional conclusions and recommendations, which must also be translated and summarized.


Within the whole preparatory period, we are glad to answer any of your questions.


Sincerely yours,

your Meditour team