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University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus

Университетская клиника Карла Густава Карус г. Дрезден

Carl Gustav Carus is a prominent German physician, scientist, and painter of the Romantic period. As a medical Royal Court Counsellor of Saxony, he made a huge contribution in the development of gynecology, anatomy, pathology, and depth psychology. In 1815, Carl Gustav became professor of the newly opened University Hospital in Dresden that was later renamed after him.

Today, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus is officially one of the best clinic in Saxony (2015) and is for several years being in the top three German hospitals.

The hospital complex has an area of a whole district and comprises all existing branches of medicine. It includes clinics and polyclinics, interdisciplinary centers and institutes that work in in close cooperation with clinical and theoretic institutes of the medical faculty of Technical University Dresden. Its infrastructure and technical equipment is being instantly carried to perfection. The new operation center was opened in 2002; centers for children and women were founded in 2003. In 2012 a modern Center for Diagnosis, Therapy, and Neurology (DINZ) was opened, in which following departments are located: internal medicine, urology, neurology, as well as radiology.

On the territory of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, a Cardiological Center is located, which belongs to the most modern centers in Saxony and is one of the best cardiological hospital in Germany. The Cardiological Hospital comprises centers for transplantology and chest pain therapy, cardiological and cardiosurgical clinics, as well as the institute of cardioanesthesia. The Cardiological Center in Dresden aligns with the world standards. Since 2013 it possesses an international DIOcert quality certificate. In 2013 a new department of electrophysiology was opened, in which world–known specialists are working. On average, yearly, more than 9´000 patients receive hospital and over 13´000 out–patient treatment in the Cardiological Center. On January 13, 2017 the Cardiological Center of Dresden received for the sixth time a Certificate of Honor for the highest quality of medical care and equipment.

In addition to its main aim – provision of medical care – the University Hospital also performs education, skills upgrading, and training of medical personnel.