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Stomatology clinic ZAHN & ART


the Zahn & Art team (Foto: Zahn & Art)

In the center of the picturesque green area there is a villa, built in the 19th century in the style of German historicism. Inside you will find a high–qualified team of young specialists that turns stomatology into art.

The private clinic Zahn&Art (“tooth and art”) offers the most up-to-date treatment and provides services for its patients on the highest technological level.


Doctor Kerstin Breuer (Foto: Zahn & Art)

Спектр услуг данной The center offers a wide range of services in almost all fields of oral health. Cosmetic teeth cleaning, manufacturing of individual dentures and implants (also for smokers), 3D–radiography, dental surgery – all kinds of treatment are performed safely and with a quality guarantee. Children are treated by specially trained personnel.


One of the highlights of the clinic Zahn&Art Dresden is application of a specially developed therapy of dentophobia – the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care. Much time is invested into provision of comfortable conditions for a patient. The clinic also puts an emphasis on the absence of “hospital” smells and queues. The personnel possess psychological skills for prevention of panic attacks and anxiety of clients. The chief anesthetist, dr. Kerstin Breuer, is also an acknowledged specialist in the field hypnosis.