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City Hospital of Dresden

Since January 1, 2017 following city hospitals merged: clinic Dresden–Friedrichstadt, clinic Dresden–Neustadt, clinic Loebtau, and clinic Weißer Hirsch. Now they are called simply “Dresden City Hospital”.


Больница Дрезден-ФридрихштадтThe Dresden–Friedrichstadt Hospital was founded on the 27th of November 1849 as a city hospital in a former aristocratic palace. The palace was built in the first half of the 18th century as a residence of the earl and prime minister of Saxony. As the years passed, such famous people as the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the composer Richard Wagner have lived there. The major part of the antique architectural complex has remained uncorrupted and together with modern buildings is used by the hospital.

Фонтан Нептуна (18 век)

The Neptune Fountain (the 18th century)

Due to numerous restorations that had been performed for the past years, the hospital turned to a unique unity of history and modernity. The atmosphere of palatial glitter prevails in the clinic, especially, in the historical inner yard. The Friedrichstadt Hospital is notable for an especially comfortable in–patient department.




парадный вход в один из корпусов

grand entrance into one of the pavilions


Most of the hospital departments are situated in completely modernized historical as well as modern buildings. Patients of the Dresden–Friedrichstadt hospital are offered a wide range of first–class medical services in following spheres of medicine: general medicine; cardiology; rheumatology; radiology; gastroenterology; general, visceral, and thoracic surgery; vascular surgery; neurosurgery; traumatology etc.


Thereupon, the hospital has separate specialized clinics of orthopedy, urology, gynecology and obstetrics, otorhinolaryngology, and ophthalmology.

A high value is set on collaboration with the certified centers for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and vascular medicine.

City hospital Dresden–Friedrichstadt is situated in the immediate vicinity to the office of the

 Meditour company.

Больница г. Дрезден-Нойештадт

A humble facade of the main building of the hospital Dresden–Neustadt conceals a rich history and huge experience of postwar medical care. It was founded on the 6th July of 1945, as citizens of the destroyed city were trying to survive under compelling need and lack of medical help. As Dresden was “under rehabilitation”, the city hospital was working on rehabilitation of the Dresdeners.

Nowadays, the Dresden–Neustadt hospital consists of 12 departments and is situated in three areas of the city, including an additional clinic for out– and in–patient services for patients with cardiovascular diseases and a gerontological rehabilitation clinic. The staff of the clinic includes 1100 workers that serve 60 000 patients per year.

The main departments of the clinic are traumatology, reconstructive, and orthopedic surgery; general and visceral surgery; plastic, aesthetic, and thoracic surgery; neurology; department of obstetrics and gynecology; children and adolescent medicine.

Thereupon, one of the emphases of the hospital is diagnostic and interventional radiology.

The Dresden–Neustadt hospital is also a prestigious training center for trainees.