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Coswig Child Clinic

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inside the hospital

The best pediatric clinic in Dresden is located in the vinery province Coswig that snakes up along the Elbe river.

This clinic offers diagnostic and curative services of pediatricians. The pediatric clinic lays an emphasis on therapy of pneumonia and treatment of premature babies.

The personnel of the hospital perform thorough examination and detailed consultation of the patients, including such points as nutrition, parenting, as well as puberty period for girls.



Доктор Бернхард Людерс

Doctor Bernhard Lueders

The chief physician of the clinic – a father of five children – is dr. med. Bernhard Lueders.

Dr. Lueders obtained medical education in Hannover and London, in the hospitals of Kiel, Bad Hersfeld, and Stuttgart. He completed his doctorate on pain therapy. At the same time, he started his career as a pediatrician, became a certified allergologist, child pulmonologist, and asthma–trainer.


The professional profile:

  • Specialist in neonatology
  • Specialist in child reanimatology and emergency medicine
  • Six–year experience as a chief pediatrician and assistant director in two hospitals
  • Authorized representative of the State Medical Association of Saxony, responsible for education in the fields of general pediatry, allergology, and child pulmonology
  • Specialist for treatment of psychosomatic disorders
  • Chairmen of the German Association of Pediatric Pulmonologists (BAPP e.V.)