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Treatment in Germany is not only a complex of professional medical services, but also a possibility for cultural and active recreation. And our office is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. Saxony rebunds with not only meaningful historical monuments and natural attractions, but also with outstanding high-tech objects.

We have developed a special program of individual escursions in Dresden and Saxony of any kind (visiting of museums, palaces, castles, hiking tours, descendint the caves, visiting of wineries, breweries, private organ recitals etc.), escorted by a professional guide and photographer (optional).

Below you can find several photos of different locations in our region:

View on the city center from the Cathedral of the Three Kings
View on the city center from the Cathedral of the Three Kings
Dresden riverwalk
Саксонская Швейцария: Вид на скалы, бастайский мост и ущелье
Saxon Switzerland: view on rocks, Bastei bridge, and clove
Moritzburg palace
Мейсен: Вид на Альбрехтсбург с востока
Meissen: view on the Albrechtsburg castle from the east
Кёнигштайн: Батарея у главных ворот
Koenigstein: battery at the main gate